Holiday House – for the Birds!

I wanted to show you the Holiday House I made in October for the birds.

It will be tough to put this one outside because the decorations wouldn’t survive very long.

This was the first house I made with two towers.  And, it was fun to do even though I wasn’t quite in the holiday spirit yet.

The windows were the toughest part of this one because I wanted to make the nail heads look like snowflakes. And, the Santa in his sleigh looks as if he has been on a rather extended diet!


Some Bears Have it Made!

Well, the car and the logo polar bear were the inspirations  for this one.

And, like the birdhouse which is currently residing in a Georgia brokerage for the time being, this one has plexiglass windows so the birds can “enjoy the view.”

The polar bear on the jukebox was a brand-new in-the-box collectible Christmas ornament.  And, of course, the car came from a garage sale, too.

Then, just because I could, I added the old-fashioned looking mini-trays to each end. I had taken this one to the Creamery Antiques last year, but brought it home because someone was going to pick it up, but never did.

Be sure to check me out on Etsy!

If You Clean Out Your Birdhouses Now,in the North, You Might Find ????

Chickadees will still use birdhouses through the winter for night roosts.  So, don’t be surprised to find new “tenants” in the houses, the wrens have left for the time being.

Wrens will often brood two or more batches during the Minnesota summers, but I think Mama Wren is glad to be done with that chore for the year! But cleaning out birdhouses now will give the chickadees some shelter and they should be clean enough for the next tenants.

The very first birdhouses I made had latches on the back with hinges for easy clean-outs which was important because they were mounted on poles that were at least eight feet off the ground.  Most of the houses I make now are decorative, but, you can take a wire coat hanger and remove some of the material from the house.  And, when we do our routine cleanings that is how we do it….bending the wire to make a U-shape and inserting it in and trying to remove most of the detritus that was left from nesting…then I put some masking tape on the hanger and try to get cobwebs and any molted feathers out.  It doesn’t need a “white glove” test, but just enough cleaning to make it easy for the next tenant.

Here are some numbers to call for bird songs, too.

612-573-5608   American goldfinch

612-573-5616 downy woodpecker

612-573-5610 purple finch

Happy Birding!

The Old Barn….New Birdhouse for September!

Here is the latest new birdhouse, “The Old Barn.”  This one was inspired by the horses and the old pickup that I picked up at a garage sale.  I thought the pickup was a great find, and the horses are quite handsome, too.

So, I went to work trying to come up with an idea for using them both in the same vignette.

I figured lean-tos on an old barn would be a good way to show them off.

And, since the horses needed water, I used the bucket and fence in the back to keep them in paddock.

I hope you enjoy looking at this one, too.  It will be off to the shop at the Creamery Antiques later today as will I.

Let’s Go to the Last Straw Drive-In! Another Birdhouse!

I have had the Coke sign, the garbage cans, the hot dog and the ice cream cone for some time. I just needed to find some cool cars to park there. When I found those, that was it!

Now I will show you the “restrooms” with Pointers and Setters. That is a throw-back to a bar I frequented when I was much younger.

The car port has the big Coke sign and, of course, garbage cans for all those napkins you need for those messy hot dogs!

I thought those cars were terrific and couldn’t wait to use them. I hope you like the drive-in. It is not too late in the year to still get a malted in Minnesota!

Autumn’s Edge – The Newest Birdhouse

Here is the latest creation. And I want to thank ALL of you for your support. This has been the most satisfying “business” I have ever had!

Autumn's Edge1

Autumn’s Edge started as a Department 56 piece inspired me to create a “house” for it. As it turned out, this ended up being a hobby farm in my mind. But, you can envision whatever you will.

Autumn's Edge 2

The mailbox, pumpkins, hay bale with cat and corn stalk piece was the start. Then, I had to add some detail to the other side, and I found a wind chime with the wheelbarrow and trowel for the other side. The little hand-painted birdhouse was given to me by another antique dealer. And, here is what it looks like from the front.

Autumn's Edge 3

There won’t be any other new creations this week. I have to work on ORDERS! Isn’t that great? Thanks, again, Dick. Thanks to Barbara, Al, Tammy, and Jill, too!

I hope you all have a great week, and now it is off the Creamery Antique Shop. I work every really hot and humid day! There must be some justice in that somewhere.

This House Is On A Stand and The Chickens Are Crowing!

I rarely post anything this early. But, there are lots of lawns to be mowed today, and I need to get back for more birdhouse building, too. This birdhouse was built by committee. The first birdhouse that sat on the stand sold right away, but the customer didn’t need the stand. So, off it went.

Chicken Picket

Then when I built the chicken house. I decided to put it on this stand, so I now call this one chicken picket. I can’t ship the stand very economically, but if you like the house, you already know that it can be removed and be on it’s way to your location quickly.

Chicken Picket 2

I also wanted to give a shout out to Barbara Todaro. Thanks, Barb, for the very nice post yesterday about your new birdhouse. And, I am so thankful that you are enjoying it. Thanks for your support!!!

New Inventory – Just Built Yesterday, in Fact!

What with all the excitement of my new website launch, I had birdies flying around my head.

And, so once I was done with my chores, I decided to build “Papa’s Farm” . I have had some of these miniatures for quite a long time.

Papa's Barn

Notice the hen and chicks on the side of the barn?

Wait til you see the windmill…..

Papa's Farm 2

This was a lot of fun to build, and I hope that it goes to someone with fond memories of a farm. Or wants to buy a farm from one of the Realtors here on the Rain!

Have a great week, and I hope you sell something this week!

This Honeymoon Cottage Is For the Birds!

Oh, I have had that birdcage for a long time…but the candlesticks (real metal and real candles, by the way, and the champagne bucket and fruit were recently acquired along with the button “trees”.

I thought this might make a great honeymoon cottage because it is fairly fantastical.  I picked out colors that are a bit of departure for me, too.

This one might appeal to buyers who aren’t into the barnwood look.  It took a lot of planning to be able to fit those new porch supports into the design, too.

I hope you like it.  If you ever need a custom closing gift, think of me…I can build from a design, too.